Nest World is a company that produces high quality bird's nest for consumption mainly in Malaysia & China. With the experience for more than 60 years, they only harvest the finest bird's nest for production and is also one of the largest producer of bird's nest in Indonesia.

Nest World project screenshot

Nest World approach us to leverage on our expertise in the birdnest industry in implementing traceability system for production floor and exporting edible birdnest to China.


  • Technology consultation
  • Custom website development
  • Custom windows app development
  • Hardware integration
  • Ongoing support


  • BootstrapCSS
  • ReactJS

The Brief

Nest World requires a bird nest traceability system that will trace the process of raw material receiving to the final product. Each department will be have a supervisor to review and ensure the quality of its process. On top of that they require a system that will allow them to easily grade and weight product for their China export.

The biggest challenge was how can we ensure speed and ease of usage of the system. Also the permission restriction to only employees with the permission required to perform the relevant tasks.

The Approach

The biggest challenge we found is how can we simplify the process of capturing data for traceability with minimal data errros. The other concern is the issue on connectivity of the system and the uptime since the system have to be deployed in a large area and any downtime will be costly for the company.

We also acknowledge that real-time reporting and dashboards could be critical for production planning and storage management for NestWorld and we need to plan how we can store and retrieve real-time data quickly for the stakeholders.

The Result

We designed a system that works offline within its own intranet with apps that is accessible by laptops and tablets. We reduced the error margin and increased the production speed by utilizing barcode scanner for data input instead of typing.

The app is simple to use yet it is powerful, with admin permissions for reporting and managing the critical parts of the system. The data needed for China export can be easily generated and we even included a local small box packaging for localy distributed bird nests.

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