Intelsius is a forward-thinking company that offers a comprehensive range of temperature controlled and sample transport packaging solutions to meet the unique and demanding challenges of the global cold chain and life sciences industry.

Intelsius project screenshot

Intelsius approach us to leverage on our expertise in the last-mile delivery to build a reliable track and trace for the ORCA cold chain boxes


  • Technology consultation
  • Custom website development
  • Custom app development


  • Bootstrap CSS

The Brief

Orca requires a logistic tracking management control for creating, monitoring and managing cold chain boxes that handles returning boxes from multi locations.

The Approach

We created a web application that handles the creation of cold chain boxes with management control and monitoring of box locations and status/condition for each part of the boxes

The Result

We designed a system that works offline within its own intranet with apps that is accessible by laptops and tablets. We reduced the error margin and increased the production speed by utilizing barcode scanner for data input instead of typing.

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