BIRD NEST SYNC by Insomatic is a SAAS that is catered specifically for the bird nest industry. It helps manufactureres speed up operations and keeping data safe.

Moh Kee project screenshot

Why BirdNestSync?

Bird Nest industry have been keeping their notes/logs on paper and this causes a lot of problem when it comes to traceability as they will need to dig up old documents.

With BirdNestSync, we removed this paper issue and digitize the production workflow and incorporated scanners, integrated weighing scales and camera. This reduce data input which speeds up the production process while keeping the data accurate.

Some benefits of BirdNestSync?

  • Maximize production output
  • Better overview of production operations
  • First class traceability and stock overview
  • Easy export to custom reports (excel/pdf/csv)
  • China CAIQ ready
  • Offline mode options available
  • Customer app for authenticity checking available

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